Apes are coming

Small practice rendered in Unreal Engine. Done it in 7 days. Blending materials through heightmap which is provided by Subs.Designer(SAND).

Synergy between Zbrush&SD

Tileable material. In this case I used Zbrush for doing several floor pieces, which were used later for doing the layout of the height map in Substance Desinger

Amanita caesarea

Organic exercise in zbrush. Textured in photoshop and substance painter. Rendered in vray.

Substance Painter

Painting exercise on a organic mesh. Modelled in max&zbrush, textured in substance painter and minor touches in photoshop and rendered in UE4.


Unreal Engine 4

I did a piece to test the new features of Unreal Engine 4. Quite impressed with the new tools of UE4.


Hi-poly mesh modelled and rendered in Zbrush itself.

Sea God

Classical sculpture. I used max, zbrush, and photoshop. Rendered in vray.



This month alfa romeo sprint is featured in 3d creative magazine.
You can download here http://www.3dcreativemag.com/

alfa romeo sprint 2600

Hard-surface modelling exercise. Tools : 3d max, photoshop, zbrush, vray

Some professional work

I've recovered some interesting stuff.




Personal work.

the scourge project ep. I and II

Decided to share some works I've done for tragnarion.

anxious gnome

A bit of sculpting. Playing with new brushes of zbrush 3.5R3

the scourge project

I've been working on this game more than 2 years. Available on steam . For further information: www.thescourgeproject.com